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Latest Horoscope Virgo 2012 Online

Virgo Horoscope 2012:

Virgo (Aug 23- Sep 22)

Persons born under the zodiac sign of Virgo are born from the 23rd of August to the 22nd of September, and are symbolized by a female persona also known as “The Virgin”. Virgos born under the influence of “The Virgin” are characterized by being overly smart, with unwavering attitude, as well as, artistic and innovative souls. Apart from that, they are also described as intense, powerful, and sophisticated as opposed to what others may think about them that they are delicate and vulnerable due to their being under a female representation. To emphasize, those born under this sun zodiacal group of the Chinese constellations are highly knowledgeable, passionate, and formidable individuals. For the coming year of 2012, Virgos will finally experience a well-earned success and good fortune from highly lucrative opportunities that will present itself throughout the year. However, they should not fully put down their guard because a few trials and ordeals will certainly come their way as they enjoy their achievements and the fruits of their labor in horoscope 2012.

Virgo in 2012

Virgo 2012 Career and Work Horoscope

Unfortunately, Virgo horoscope 2012 forecasts work-related problems which may consume Virgos this coming year. They should get ready to overcome any complications and alternations that may occur on their work place. Numerous changes and makeovers will certainly happen on their places of work that may result to more stress and burden that they need to prevail over with. Besides these happenings, Virgos should not expect any work promotions and bonuses, especially, during the first three months of year 2012 because they will find themselves really weighed down with troubles in their place of employment. So, the advice for them is to use their common sense and intelligence, as well as, patience in order to surpass this trying period during the upcoming year.
Student Virgos should think about going to school or continuing their education during this coming year of 2012. The Virgin will be able to help you achieve your learning goals and be productive in terms of schooling yourself.

Virgo 2012 Love, Family and Social life Horoscope

Married couples should not fail to pay attention to any misunderstandings and conflicts that may arise at your home concerning family to avoid prolonged disharmony. These problems may be caused by financial difficulties, which you may experience during the upcoming year, and should be worked as soon as possible. Virgos, especially single ones, should not be too distrustful of other people’s intention in order for you to find your better half in life.
In conclusion , the coming year of Virgo horoscope 2012 will not be too great for Virgo due to the many trials and complications that they need to triumph over. But, the stars promises fascinating and favorable year of 2013 that will give them the needed comfort, support, and happiness that they would want after such difficult year.

Virgo 2012 Finance and Money Horoscope

As mentioned above, Virgos will experience lots of problems in their work places which will amount to low finances or no increase of earnings this coming 2012. Monetary aspect and financial life does not look too good, most particularly, during the first half of the year. Do not become too depressed, however, because before the year ends your finances will become stable and secure. Although, earnings through increase in salary and job promotions will not come to pass this upcoming year so better not contemplate them for now. Just concentrate in making your finances stable, especially, during the last two months because those times are your best bet in overcoming your financial difficulties. Being strong-willed persons, Virgos will definitely have no problem overcoming this trial and standing up on their feet once again.

Virgo 2012 Health Horoscope

It is good to know that majority of Virgos will experience relatively no worries regarding their bodies’ wellness in year 2012. They will benefit from a good physical condition, mostly during the first half portion of horoscopes 2012. However, during the next six months, they might experience some health problems that may be associated with either the circulatory system or health concerns regarding the mind. Virgo will be very challenged on the employment front, they should not use this as an excuse to not do physically relaxing activities and recreation for the whole body and mind. In this way, the stress and tension that you may experience will not cause your body to collapse, which will allow you to resume and endure in your quest to overcome life’s challenges.

Virgo January 2012 Horoscope and Forecast

As the New Year starts it is likely going to dawn on you that your old ways of functioning are not working and that you need to get more hard line with people who seem to be taking advantage of you. At work it is possible that you are doing all of the work with very little credit. It is also possible that relatives owe you money that is not getting paid back.
You are a very difficult person to influence because it is in your nature to be controlling or headstrong however this month a partner of yours does have some very good advice for you. It is likely that this advice has to do with a legal matter or addressing baggage to do with a relationship from your past. You are not objective about this situation and this friend can help you get the perspective you need to make all of the right moves.
Beware of the tenth of January when someone who seems well-meaning or tells you that they wish you the best actually is planning to harm you. This may not be a conscious desire on their part. However getting involved with this person could lead to a subconscious sabotage of an important goal that you are trying to achieve.
The thirteenth of January could also be a strange day for you. You could be the topic of some rumors that seem to be designed to undermine your credibility or authority. Be sure to squelch these rumors right away, as they could be quite contagious. Yet another possibility is that you could hear a rumor about the company that you work for or about your boss. If so take it with a grain of salt. There are a lot of people around you who enjoy creating dramas and falsehoods.
It also may be hard for you to deal with a diminishing income throughout this month. Do not despair if your hours are cut back or if you are laid off. This trend is temporary. Besides your sign is organized and efficient enough to find a second job and make up for any lost income quite quickly. The trick is to stay optimistic, work hard and do not let any negative people around you bring you down.
The lack of money and the amount of time you spent on work can be hard on your relationship, especially on children and pets. You may have to do a lot of explaining and making up for lost time to soothe hurt feelings.
You may feel a bit irrational on the 25 th. This is a not a good day for you to make a big decision of any kind. Instead slow down, calm down and look within to find the answers and decisions that you need to make so that your life improves.

Virgo February 2012 Horoscope and Forecast

This month you do the best if you stop feeling sorry for yourself or dwelling on the past. It is best for you to get out there and work for the community. One of the most healing things your sign can do is stop focusing inwards and start helping your friends who may be just as badly off or worse off than you. Chances are that your problems are mostly emotional as Virgos almost always have their money issues under control, but you might have to tighten your belt a bit in February to make things meet. Still there are so many worse off than you and they need your help.
Whether attached or not be sure to show your friends and family how much you care about them this Valentine’s Day. Throw a special dinner to show off your famous entertaining and cooking skills. Making everyone feel loved will help heal any old wound and provide the assurance that is needed for your love to succeed. There is no rule saying that you have to be “in love” before you can enjoy this holiday.
On the other hand if you are attached you can help bond with your partner by pulling out all the stops this Valentine’s Day. Spare no expense and show him or her how much you care. A special romantic outing might also help heal the rift between you and a loved one you are having trouble with.
There may be a special someone that you need to talk to in order to get something off your chest. Mid-February is also a good time to try and convince this person to see your point of view without being hostile. You have been letting a personal problem with this person interfere with your daily productivity for some time now. Clearing the air may have the effect of lifting your spirits and also giving you a lot more energy so you can go about your day with a glad heart and a peaceful head.
Your career will thrive this month. You will be saddled with a lot of responsibility but you will also enjoy being the leader of a very special team. By the time February is over you will be able to tell yourself that you truly did a great job just for the sake of excellence and not even for recognition or monetary reward.
You should approach a daily fitness routine that you have embarked on with the same enthusiasm that you do your work. Staying fit and watching what you eat is going to be key to keeping your weight down and being in the best shape possible. You should also beware all of the isms in your life including alcoholism and workaholicism.

Virgo March 2012 Horoscope and Forecast

This month will be marked by the revelation of a secret. You will be startled and amazed once “the cat is out of the bag” but you also be amazed at your own ability to be in denial. All of the signs were there when it came to pointing that there was a bit of a charade going on but you refused to see it. One of your challenges in March will be not to let this situation take up too much space in your brain. If you feel that you cannot handle the shock of what you have found out you might also want to see professional or spiritual counseling so that you know how to handle. This also might be your wake-up call when it comes to not being taken advantage of anymore.
You also could be dealing with a chaotic financial situation at work. It is going to take your careful handling of money and judicious handling of resources to fix this situation. Whatever the mess is you are the one who is going to be able to get everybody out of it and you will also be thanked for it. The irony that you are fixing everything while at the same time not being rewarded for it will probably not be lost on you however simply forge on through this hard time. The fact that you are not getting the salary you deserve for all your hard work may have you wondering if it is time to move on and seek another job.
While others are frantic you are going to be the cool head that prevails. Do not let anyone know of your plans as there are people who want to steal your ideas or use your own information against you. You should also settle any disputes between you and someone else as soon as possible. In March things will have a way of escalating out of control. It will be up to you to show some self-control and make sure that peace reigns both at home and at work.
This is also a month when you will be inspired to do a great deal of Spring cleaning. Make sure you clean both your home and office until they shine. The planets also favor gardening and shopping for furniture and décor that will make your nest beautiful and cozy.
This month you are also destined to take a trip to visit a family member who lives far away. If you are single an online romance could take off. Consider getting together with a long-distance lover for a special holiday for Spring Break.
Be sure to take time to relax in general this month. You will need to make sure you are strong physically and mentally because so many will be depending on you.

Virgo April 2012 Horoscope and Forecast

This month you will have less leisure time. The work will be piled up on your desk and the only way to solve the problem is to plow straight through it all. You might be staying late at work or working weekends to meet deadlines. Unfortunately there will not be a lot of bonuses or raises for all of the extra work but you might retain job security and also the favor of your bosses for being such a good sport and hanging in there. Your self-less, diligent and organized attitude towards this huge mountain of work is going to pay off later in the year as a promotion or a wonderful new job.
This month you may be called to be a little more creative than usual at work. Do not be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and take on that challenging chore. Get a little extra training or education if that is what it takes to get something done.
To relax you should indulge in some of your favorite hobbies. You have a green thumb and if you live in a rural area you should consider growing produce and selling it. If you live in the city focus on planting a beautiful garden. Many Virgos are such talented gardeners that they are professional landscapers.
This is also a good month for you to acquire a new pet. Activities such as horse-riding or volunteering at animal shelters are also emphasized. Many Virgos will be considering buying a farm this month,
If you are single it is best to join a club that emphasizes your favorite craft or hobby such as a cooking course or a furniture refinishing course. April is not as good of a month for singles to meet someone new but your best chances of doing so are through education, classes or practicing a hobby.
Children are also your focus this month, even though you do not have a lot of time to spend with them. It could be that a younger person you know is having trouble in school or that someone needs reassurance about their self-esteem. If you cannot spend a lot of time with your child buying him or her brand new wardrobe or sending him or her to finishing school might be a nice idea. Phone or computer technology might help you stay more in touch with a child who is separated from you because you are working long hours.
Your motto for this month is “hang in there!” You will get through this time which emphasize how lonely and thankless it can be a leader rather than a follower sometimes. Still your great attitude is going to serve you well later in 2012 so be patient.

Virgo May 2012 Horoscope

On the 3rd, you will find that a dream brings insight regarding your career. On the 6th, others are more likely to see your point of view. On the 15th, don’t try to manipulate others. On the 26th you will find that your focus is more directly on money.

Virgo June 2012 Horoscope

On the 12th during horoscope 2012 you will find an inspiration concerning more money from your career. On the 14th, avoid an argument with friends, which may be provoked by the friends. On the 17th you will find solutions to your personal problems. On the 22nd, your intuition level is high.

Virgo July 2012 Horoscope

On the 4th Scorpions sparkle and shine. On the 10th a new idea could mean more money for you in your career. On the 12th, trust your intuition over the intuition of your friends. On the 29th you will find that others see you as very powerful.

Virgo August 2012 Horoscope

On the 4th, your friends will present an idea. On the 6th, take extra precaution to avoid an argument with your partner. On the 12th you may find that hidden forces work against you. On the 23rd you will experience a boost of energy.

Virgo September 2012 Horoscope

On the 5th during horoscope year 2012 you find your creativity is abundant and you have many good ideas surfacing from within. On the 6th, it is best to keep your ideas to yourself. On the 14th and the 15th you will find that your creative juices flow in the form or writing. On the 18th the productive dreams are yours.

Virgo October 2012 Horoscope

On the 3rd, you find that challenges in your career present themselves. If you have been considering asking for a raise, do not do it on this day. On the 7th look inside for inspiration. On the 14th, you may find that you are restless. On the 21st communicate with your partner, as this is a day that your level of communication will be high. On the 30th avoid arguments with your partner.

Virgo November 2012 Horoscope

On the 12th, money-making ideas are yours. After the 16th work becomes more important. On the 20th, you sparkle and shine. On the 25th, you are extremely pleasant. On the 30th of the month, you will find it necessary to practice your patient.

Virgo December 2012 Horoscope

On the 6th during horoscopes 2012 you may be pleasantly surprised with ideas that your partner may have for you. On the 10th, look out for unconscious motivations. On the 13th, do not believe everything that you hear at work. On the 25th look to your inner self and avoid making logical decisions.


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