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Latest Horoscope Sagittarius 2012 Online

Sagittarius Horoscope 2012:

Sagittarius (Nov 22- Dec 21)

Those who are born from November 22nd to December 21st are under the star of Sagittarius. Sagittarius h oroscope 2012 brings lots of memorable and fabulous times this New Year for the Sagittarius. There will also be lots of new things in store for you due to your energy and passion which are incomparable. Generally, you have gentle and respectable qualities together with your high spirits which can be easily transmitted to people around you. Furthermore, you are so popular because you easily trust others, you are honest and you always keep your words even if the situation seems impossible. This year, have a positive outlook in life and try to leave behind bad experiences and happenings that have gotten in your way. You will be able to handle both good and bad occurrences that will come this year if you maintain your energy, sense of initiative and positive outlook.

Sagittarius in 2012

Sagittarius 2012 Career and Work Horoscope

Sagittarius h oroscope 2012 brings you respect among colleagues you due to your good characters, confidence and reliability. Your talents and hard work will be recognized as they are all worthy of praise. During the first three months of the 2012 horoscope year, you will experience prosperity in the aspect of career and even in finance. Success at work will be yours until the second quarter, thanks to your efforts and notable achievements at work. Furthermore, your openness when it comes to new ideas will lead your project to be successful and you will be receiving intense support from colleagues, friends and family.

Sagittarius 2012 Love, Family and Social life Horoscope

Sagittarius h oroscope 2012 bring passion to explore and experiment in this year. Your love to seek knowledge is the reason why Sagittarians have so much information about so many different things.
When it comes to relationships, you will have a better relationship with children. They will always flock around you due to your being adventurous and having a positive outlook in life.
However, you will undergo frustrations, setbacks and heartaches in your married life in the first two quarters of the year. The good thing is that these situations will not have an effect on you because of your optimism and your ability to bring out good things from bad situations. So, people under this sign should practice being careful in the aspect of relationship and the problems that goes with it. You need to always depend on your good qualities such as being hardworking and being dedicated in mending broken relationships, may it be in a romantic relationship or in another. You should also ask the advice of people who are older and more experienced than you because they are the only ones who can give you words of wisdom.
For unmarried Sagittarians, you will find new love and your heart’s desires will be fulfilled as long as you would be committed and devoted in making this new relationship grow during the horoscope year. For the brokenhearted Sagittarians, this year brings a cure to your lonely hearts and your dreams of better relationship will come true.
Overall , Sagittarians will experience big success this New Year with few problems leading to some periods of sorrows and failures. Do not worry because your idealism and you dynamic personality will guide you to be committed in your goals and principles in life. Enjoy 2012 year!

Sagittarius 2012 Finance and Money Horoscope

In the financial aspect, horoscopes 2012 will be a gain in money for the Sagittarius brought by potential business ventures; you will also be trying to maintain the success you achieved during the first quarter. There will be some time in May or June where you will experience some problems but fortunately, things will improve again after some time.
For those whose works are related to computers or technology, you will benefit financially from your researches and continuous education during the last period of the year. These things will also help you achieve promotions or other kinds of advancements at your work.

Sagittarius 2012 Health Horoscope

Good news for people under Sagittarius! Horoscope 2012 brings perfect health condition for you. However, you need to watch out for possible ailments relating to your nervous system or those which has something to do with your skin. These diseases might be experienced during the first quarter of the year. Furthermore, those Sagittarians who planned to lose their weight during this year will see their wishes come true. You will be able to reach your weight goal and be physically fit. It is the strong will power of the Sagittarius and determination to have a healthy lifestyle that makes this happen.

Sagittarius January 2012 Horoscope and Forecast

January 2012 heralds the beginning of a very successful New Year in which you are going to succeed beyond your wildest dreams in your career. You are going to be given the resources and talent you need to build something great.
January could be quite stressful when it comes to relationship with a spouse or lover. Compared to you , your partner is likely to have emotional or physical problems that you do not have. He or she may be cranky because of overwork and take it out on you. Maintain your wonderful sense of humor to keep the peace. Avoid creating situations where your partner feels ignored or left out of the picture.
Despite arguments caused by stress or overwork, many attached Archers will feel closer to their partners than ever and single Archers may find themselves encountering an interesting new romantic situation. Still there is some stress indicated for Sagittarian friendships, partially due to jealousy over your success.

Sagittarius February 2012 Horoscope and Forecast

Your true focus this month will be to make as much money as possible while luck is smiling on you. You will feel like you can do no wrong. Many Archers will hear news about promotions, thriving investments and lucky breaks in general. You are so lucky with money this month that you could win the lottery or receive a surprise check out of the blue. Needless to say this is a wonderful time for you to start your own business or buy property. Banks and lenders will tend to be more cooperative with you than they ever have been in your life before.
Furthermore you will have the ambition, inspiration and energy to really make things happen. Things will feel like they are magically falling into place. You will also have the resources and time that you need to strategize your plans so that they become more profitable than ever by the end of the year.
It is a good idea too to share this wealth that is coming to you. Being charitable and philanthropic will have its own inestimable rewards. It will also build your good reputation in your community and create good karma. If you are self-less and aware of the needs of others the you are creating the foundation for years of future good will and success.
It is absolutely crucial that you celebrate this Valentine’s Day in style! Your lover or spouse may be feeling left out of the loop because you have been doing so well lately. Most Archers will be dealing with partners that fear being left for someone better. Do all you can to show your loved one that you are committed to be with them for life.
Single Archers will do well to go to parties or go online to look for love. However many of you will not be that upset if there is nobody around this Valentine’s Day to give you flowers. That is because many of you are quite obsessed with being successful in business and making as much money as possible as you can.
Remember that even good stress is still stress and you should take the time you need to pamper yourself or you could catch a winter cold or flu. It may get harder and harder for you to get time alone because rich and powerful people tend to be very popular. Know when to say no if you need precious moments to yourself to meditate, strategize and take care of yourself and your family. This month brings many lovely moments with your lover, pets and children as long as you remember to make time for everyone and also share your newfound success and wealth.

Sagittarius March 2012 Horoscope and Forecast

The good news is that your business or career is going to absolutely continue to thrive in March. Despite the fact that you will be very busy and successful you may be dealing with a lover, spouse or a close loved one who is trying to make you feel as inadequate and insecure as possible. You value this person’s opinion so what they have to say about you might really bring you down.
As it is likely that this loved one is speaking from a place of fear you are best to ignore him or her. Do not let anyone else define your character as limited in some way. It is possible that he or she is jealous and actually afraid that you may move on and be with someone better.
The criticism of this nature may not just necessarily come from a spouse or lover. In the case of the single Sagittarian the personal attack could come from a coworker, parent, friend or sibling. Your best tact is to not take whatever is said to heart. The worst thing you can do is attack this person back as this could set a feud in motion that can last for years.
However, despite your bright prospects your sign is going to be affected just like all the other signs are by the Mercury retrograde that happens this month. Mercury is the planet of communication and when it goes backwards in the sky all kinds of problems ensue.
In the case of Archers your ability to travel is likely to be greatly affected by the Mercury Retrograde. This is not a good time to book travel by air, especially. You also need to be careful around chemicals, fire and anything that can cause an explosion. During this retrograde your sign, like other signs, is also prone to be caught in traffic jams and losing data on technology. Be sure to back up the memory on your computer or cell phone.
Yet another effect of the Mercury retrograde is that it can make it quite difficult to arrange meetings. People will forget appointments or just simply stand you up. Really important meetings or proposals should be made next month instead of this one.
You might feel tired, stressed and like your nerves are a bit too much on edge at times. This is because trying to get things done during a Mercury Retrograde can be very challenging.. The trick to feeling better is to take a lot of long walks in nature, eating right and getting the rest that you need. Your sign also finds spending time with children and pets to be very therapeutic.
If your travel plans are cancelled due to the retrograde then you can always take a journey with your mind by reading a good book or watching a good television series. This is very relaxing for you because more than most signs you really enjoy culture and entertainment.

You may find yourself feeling a little more spiritual than usual this month. That is because you are astounded at your good fortune and how lucky you are compared to most people. Celebrate your good luck by sharing it with those less fortunate than you.
Some Archers may have experienced a break up recently but rest assured that you will soon have the company that you need to ease a broken heart. You have many dear friends to take care of you and make sure you get out and have fun if this is indeed the case.
This is also a good month for you to start a fitness program. It will be much easier than usual for you to stick to a diet and exercise regimen and meet your goals. However you are more vulnerable to digestive upsets and skin eruptions this month. These problems are likely not serious and due to stress or working too hard but if they persist you should see a doctor or a dermatologist. Archers with allergies should consider getting to the bottom of what is causing them by having allergy tests done.
In your career it is going to become apparent that your success depends on how sophisticated your information delivery system is. You may find yourself investigating all kinds of new technology that could help your business. You are definitely on the right track with this notion and any equipment or software you invest in is likely to really bring in the profits by the end of the year.

Sagittarius April 2012 Horoscope and Forecast

This month is not as easy for you as some of the previous months have been. Things will be a bit rocky in all areas and it is not due to anything you have done wrong. It is simply a case of “what goes up, must come down.”
If you have not been disciplined about maintaining your business or about keeping up with your responsibilities at work then it could catch up with you this month. A higher up or an agency could be demanding an inventory of your profits or work. You may be spending a great deal of time restructuring a system or reworking a budget so that your financial matters work better.
Yet another issue that might rear it’s ugly head could be the matter of overspending. Many Archers will have to pay off debts or go on a stricter budget. If this happens try and embrace the change as it is a move that is only going to increase your profits later on in the year.
When it comes to deciding what is a priority at work or with your finances be sure to listen to the experts. Do not try and wing it as the planets indicate that your judgment is not as accurate as it has been in past months. You are also more inclined to react in an emotional, rather a rational way to information in general.
If your work is related to technology or computers you may find that there will be expenses involved in rehauling the entire system. You may need more recent software or better hardware to keep your business competitive with others. It could also be that frustrations arise because new software or equipment being installed at work sabotages your work progress or productivity.
You might also be experiencing difficulties in a close relationship. The problems you are dealing with could become a bad habit if you do not take the steps to address the underlying cause of all of the resentments and upsets. If addiction or a mental illness is the problem then seek counseling for it. Do not feed the fighting with sarcasm, silences or insults. Instead try to be kind, see the other person’s point of view and walk away from arguments.
Keeping life simple and eating well is your key to not catching winter colds or flu. Stay away from junk food, take your vitamins and exercise every day to stay healthy. Stay away from addicted, toxic or negative people. Protecting your general health in these ways will go a long ways to handling any temporary crisis that comes up this month. Another important key to mental and physical health for your sign this April is to be patient. Practice kindness instead of intolerance and realize that it is not that important for you to always have the last word.

Sagittarius May 2012 Horoscope

You will find that May is a month that you yearn to travel. On the 8th of the month, friends will want to get together with you. ON the 16th of the month you will find that your communication levels are strong and will become particularly stellar on the 21st of the month. After the 23rd of the month career plans begin to become more important.

Sagittarius June 2012 Horoscope

On the 2nd of the month during horoscope 2012 careers ideas flow to you. On the 9th friends become more important. On the 18th pay attention to a dream as it may help you in your career. After the 23rd of the month, you should focus on rest, as it is more important than ever.

Sagittarius July 2012 Horoscope

On the 7th of the month during the horoscope year, you sparkle and shine. On the 21st and the 22nd you will find that travel beckons and will provide lots of fun. On the 22nd, your career becomes more important than ever. After the 27th of the month, a lucky element enters you into the limelight. Enjoy!

Sagittarius August 2012 Horoscope

On the 2nd of the month during horoscope 2012 take precaution to avoid an argument with your partner. On the 4th you will find that getting out and about with your honey will make for a good time between the two of you. ON the 22nd, talks with your partner will yield good results.

Sagittarius September 2012 Horoscope

On the 4th meditation flows for you. On the 9th keep control of your temper. The 10th of the month is a great time to go out as you will find that you have a great time. On or around the 19th you can expect that the changes you make will help you immensely. On the 21st money becomes more of a focus.

Sagittarius October 2012 Horoscope

On the 2nd of the month during horoscope year 2012, you find that you sparkle and shine. Enjoy the day! On the 3rd or 6th of the month, personal challenges are likely to occur. On the 13th, positive changes could come your way. On the 21st or the 24th, look inside for answer to financial problems. On the 30th of the month, control your temper.

Sagittarius November 2012 Horoscope

Avoid spending on the 10th of the month during horoscopes 2012, as you will pay too much. On the 11th money is yours! After the 16th of the month, you will find that creativity is more abundant. On the 21st of the month you sparkle and shine. On the 31st of the month, avoid authority figures.

Sagittarius December 2012 Horoscope

The 3rd of the month is a time for the Sagittarian to go out and enjoy themselves. It is a great day for a great time. On the 10th of the month be careful what you say. On the 19th of the month you will sparkle and shine. On the 28th of the month you will find that your creativity level is high. Be careful on the 29th of the month not to overdo things.


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