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Latest Horoscope Gemini 2012 Online

Gemini Horoscope 2012:

Gemini (May 21- Jun 20)

The twin sign in the twelve horoscopes represents Gemini. Persons born between May 21 and June 21 of the year fall under this special zodiac sign. This sign is considered the most fascinating and complex among the horoscopes plus people under it are born with high intelligence, good behavior and great charm that can captivate other people easily. Due to these characteristics, they instantly become famous in their groups or in any organization they join in. Fortunately, this year horoscope 2012, Gemini people can expect an exciting and successful year with the opportunity to bounce back from losses experienced in the preceding year whether it has been financial loss, emotional or others.

Gemini in 2012

Gemini 2012 Career and Work Horoscope

In the year of Gemini horoscope 2012 might experience problems at work due to salary issues. So, they should not expect a salary increase or a promotion during this year. But Gemini can expect their career goals to come true from March to the end of June.
When it comes to education, their fickle minds and inability to concentrate can block those Gemini who intend to finish and further their schooling. They can only achieve their aims if they have the will to succeed and accept that they can perform much better if under pressure. Gemini people also need to improve their confidence for them to be able to reach their dreams in life.

Gemini 2012 Love, Family and Social life Horoscope

The twins easily trust other people. They are so trusting and easily accept people in their lives. One good thing is that they can draw out the best in a person hence, maintaining a relationship is not difficult for them.
But in the aspect of love and relationship in the Gemini horoscope year 2012, people under Gemini have to avoid arguing, questioning and being suspicious in order to enjoy an excellent and uncomplicated personal relationship with their partners.
For single people, the last two quarters of 2012 would require Gemini to bring out their ability to bring peace and harmony by resolving all broken relationships caused by gossips and bad tempers during the first six months of the year. With this, they can be able to establish harmonious new relationships.
Overall, Gemini horoscope 2012 will be an active and exciting year for people under Gemini. There will be lots of surprises and untroubled emotions as 2012 passes.

Gemini 2012 Finance and Money Horoscope

With career problems, what Gemini people need to do is concentrate on their creative projects or other plans which will in turn bring profits to them. One more thing, due to a favorable position of the planets, Gemini horoscope year 2012 can be a year of profits for Gemini people as long as they are patient. The problem is that even if they do things with good intentions, they lack patience. So, Gemini needs to be more patient in whatever he or she does.

Gemini 2012 Health Horoscope

For health, Gemini will not have any problems. However, they need to keep track on some possible illnesses relating to digestion or the nervous system. This might happen during the first quarter of year 2012 or during the fall season.

Gemini January 2012 Horoscope and Forecast

January is a month where you will be able show of your sparkling personality and fascinating wit. If you are in the performing arts or writing about culture, then you will be presented with many opportunities to start the new year off right. The struggle and poverty of the last few years will be a thing of the past because wealth planet Jupiter is in your sign and easily bringing you everything that you need to succeed. Your cash flow will be much more generous and you will finally, after a hiatus of being in debt for many years, be able to save money. However the profits and wealth will not immediately flow your way. This is a month for planning how you are going to get it done and reap in the rewards of your hard work and entertaining projects.
As you step into the first month of the wonderful future offered to you by 2012 you might feel a little bit disoriented. You are so used to chaos and things not going your way that you may actually feel out-of-place when you are greeted with success. There is also a retrograde planet in Libra that is going to make you feel a bit slow, indecisive and out-of-sorts in general at times. Even though you may feel like hiding from the public you are going to be very popular this month so be sure to put on your best bright shining face and be stylish. Planets indicate that new jobs will come to you from socializing and being aware of the latest job news that you hear at parties.
Your relationships are peaceful for the most part but you are bit prone to be paranoid or suspicious to a partner. Do not accuse anyone of cheating unless you are sure that they are actually doing so. You should also avoid being possessive, envious and starting arguments for the sake of making a point. Yet another thing Geminis should avoid is gossiping to avoid focusing on the problems in their own lives.
Many Geminis may find themselves going from an easy-going schedule to a more rigid and demanding one in January. This increase on the demand on your time could cause problems with your digestive or nervous system. Be sure to get plenty of rest and pace yourself. Avoid burning the candle at both ends by working two jobs or staying up late as the planets indicate that overwork could affect your health this year.
Above all January is a month for Geminis to spruce up their wardrobes, get make-overs and get their confidence back. You have a great many good things coming to you in the next few months and you need to welcome them into your life in a calm way that shows others that you are willing to follow through.

Gemini February 2012 Horoscope and Forecast

This month you will be working behind-the-scenes or on your own to secretly cultivate a talent that you have. You are not quite ready to unveil this masterpiece but it is crucial that you work out some creative fury on the canvas or on paper. Whatever project you are working on is bound to be quite special and in the case of some Geminis noted as a work of genius. Do not try to unveil anything artistic you are doing before it is ready. Others are too willing to steal your ideas. Try to be patient and let events unfold in your favor.
One risk this month is that you will become so carried away by creative urges that you forget to take care of the basics required to live well. Be sure to stay focused on saving money and also on improving your health. Get plenty of exercise and stick to a healthy diet because when Jupiter is in your sign, as it is in yours, it can expand the waistline.
It is also better to work on projects that you started last fall rather than start a new project in February. This is because you are so prolific that you may not be able to follow through on everything that you start.
February is one of the hardest months for your sign this year when it comes to managing money and some issues may crop up regarding your finances. Be sure to stay on track when it comes to doing taxes, dealing with legal matters and taking care of your debts. You might also be assessing your money picture and all that you must do to correct your financial situation. You may also be in discussion with a personal or business partner about how to handle your joint affairs. If you are attached you should be aware that your partner’s debts may be affecting your own credit and reputation more than you know.
You may be feeling a little more materialistic than usual simply because you might be making a little more money than you have in a while. Still you should be quite careful not to splurge on frivolous things and be sure to put your dollars back into your business or building a solid foundation for your future. For every dollar you spend be sure to put another dollar away for a rainy day.
It is also a month for you to be grateful for what you have and reuse, refurbish and recycle what you have not used in a while. This will help you to save money. You should also make your motto “I have an attitude of gratitude” in February as that will help bring more riches your way.

Gemini March 2012 Horoscope and Forecast

By March 2011 the evolution of your success might be more obvious to others. You can expect a great deal more acclaim, recognition and more money. However you will also be working very hard to keep the ball rolling in the right direction. This could steal some quality time from your loved ones and it may be a challenge to balance your working schedule with your obligations to loved one.
Others that do not understand your success may become critical of you. The key is to not respond and be patient. The doubters in your life will soon come around to seeing things your way.
The crux is that if you do not carve out some time to spend with family and friends they are going to become quite vocal about how you are neglecting them. You may also experience jealousy from friends and coworkers that covet your success or who feel inadequate around you. It is very important that you respond to all emails and party invitations and do not let anyone feel left out.
One way to make others more cooperative with you at work is to have an approachable open-door policy so others can ask you for advice. If you end up in a leadership position then make sure that you do not play favorites and that all are rewarded for a job well done.
This promises to be an active and exciting month socially. You are sure to make lots of new friends and fans. Many parties that you are invited will be valuable for making business contacts and social climbing.
There is a possibility that others will try to draw you into their dramas and this could make it hard for you to focus on work. In fact you must be very careful not to let a relationship that is troubled affect your goals. Whatever you do, do not bring any personal problems to work.
In March you may find yourself responding to increased stress levels with problems in your stomach. To avoid getting an ulcer or developing another digestive problem, be sure to eat right and stick to a fitness program.
The single Gemini benefits most by joining a club or small organization that promotes a hobby or eclectic interest. You shine best when you can be the star of a small group, especially if it is connected to the arts or literature. You are also great at organizing events for charities.
Keep a big smile on your face, stay calm and maintain a positive and upbeat attitude at all times. This is a month when you will be enjoying the rewards that come with increased credibility, responsibility and fame.

Gemini April 2012 Horoscope and Forecast

This is the month where many of the great projects that you started last fall are really going to start taking off and you may be enjoying some success that you have not seen in a few years. This is thanks to wealth planet Jupiter in your sign, which is going to allow you to have much more than you have in a while quite easily. This is a cycle of prosperity that lasts a full two years so be sure to make the best of it by dressing your best, making smart moves and staying away from toxic people that can bring you down.
Your schedule will become more hectic and the days in April will seem to fly by because you will be having so much fun at a new job or a new business. Your wardrobe and decor is also in for an update this month and you will be enjoying a more upscale lifestyle in general.
Some Geminis have been so traumatized by the poverty or struggles they have had the last few years that they may have a bit of trouble accepting that they deserve all of this success. You should stay always from self-sabotaging addictive behaviors or being too critical of yourself. You also need to develop a daily health regimen that involves quality time alone meditating and working on your goals all by yourself. This will help you stay grounded and in control of any stress.
There may also be some issues with gossips. You may have to sever relationships, likely with a group of women, who are jealous of your success and insist on spreading rumors. You have the power to put an end to the lies being spread about you once and for all this year. Be sure to stand up for yourself when required and be sure to correct any inaccuracies written about you in the media or on the Internet.
This month you will also begin to experience an unfolding of your consciousness that will affect your relationship, the work front, your children, pets, home and creativity. You will likely decide that you will now live according to your deepest desires and in the healthiest way you can muster. You will also be more concerned with simple domestic matters such as gardening and cooking.
All of this is positive because you will decide that you want to live your life in a simpler, more ethical way. Some of your loved ones may resist your blossoming awareness of what is spiritually right for your soul and also the planet but they will soon come to see how your suggested New Age way of living is superior to old-style wasteful, material ways of existing.

Gemini May 2012 Horoscope

On the 3rd of the month you will find that you have some wonderful ideas. However, the 4th may bring impulsiveness. On the 15th, avoid an argument with a partner and definitely keep your thought to yourself. On the 24th do not be too terribly hard on yourself.

Gemini June 2012 Horoscope

On the 12th creativity is especially strong. On the 14th be careful with your words and actions to avoid what may lead to an unpleasant argument with your mate. On the 23rd of the month during horoscope 2012, you will find that your levels of intuition are especially high. On the 30th, do not believe everything you may hear on the work front.

Gemini July 2012 Horoscope

On the 4th creative thinking is yours and you thoroughly enjoy the day! On the 6th, do not jump to conclusions. On the 12th, be especially careful not to let your partner manipulate you with words. On the 28th turn your thoughts inward.

Gemini August 2012 Horoscope

On the 11th of this horoscope´s 2012 month, you will have a tendency to jump to conclusions, which may have subconscious undertones. On the 20th and 22nd creativity is yours. On the 23rd take extra precaution to avoid an argument. On the 30th your intuition is high.

Gemini September 2012 Horoscope

On the 5th, your honey may have some intuitive ideas for you. After the 8th, money become the focus and is more important than ever. On the 14th and 15th you will find lady luck is yours, possibly in the form of money.

Gemini October 2012 Horoscope

On the 2nd of the month during horoscopes 2012 you may find that love is on the horizon. For partnered Gemini’s the 4th is a great day for a conversation with your significant other. On the 14th, take precaution to avoid an argument with you mate by be careful with your words. On the 21st, a money making or career idea is yours. The 30th of the month is not a time to ask for a raise.

Gemini November 2012 Horoscope

On the 2nd , intuition is particularly high. On the 7th, take special precaution to avoid an argument with your partner. On the 13th, think, as not doing so, will cost you money! On the 27th, others see your point of view.

Gemini December 2012 Horoscope

On the 1st of the month during this horoscope´s 2012 December, pay particular attention to your dreams. On the 6th, intuitions to further your career are yours. On the 10th or the 13th avoid saying too much. On the 25th, it will be necessary to look within and avoid logical decisions.


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