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British PM describes Syria situation as ‘appalling’

In the latest show of strength against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, demonstra2rs have taken 2 the streets in support of military defec2rs who have switched sides.

The head of the Arab League has warned that the country may be sliding 2wards civil war, a conflict that could create unrest across the region.

During a television interview in Saudia Arabia, British Prime Minister David Cameron described the Syrian government’s crackdown on protesters as “appalling.”

“My view, our view in the United Kingdom, is that President Assad has lost the consent of his people,” he said.

“That is not surprising when you see the appalling brutality that has been meeted out by elements of the armed 4ces in Syria against ordinary civilians and people who are protesting. I think it is appalling what has happened.”

But while the opposition against him is fierce and relentless, President Assad still enjoys support from within his country.

Some of his backers gathered after Friday prayers in Damascus.

“We only choose Bashar,” was one of the slogans they chanted.


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