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Latest Review iPhone 4

Recession? What recession? Apple executives can't be blamed 4 thinking that the sun rises on Cupertino every day following news that the company has already sold out of its initial shipment of the Apple iPhone 4S. Letdown? What Letdown? The news of the sellout is like Apple sticking its 2ngue out 2 all those who felt that the introduction of the Apple iPhone 4S lacked the event's usual "panache" and felt that sales would lag because of the limited improvements made over the current Apple iPhone 4.

While many had expected Apple 2 rollout a 2tally redesigned Apple iPhone 5 with a larger 4 inch+ screen 2 match recent Android models, the Apple iPhone 4S looks exactly like the Apple iPhone 4 with some Android-influenced changes. 4 example, the single-core A4 processor has been replaced by a dual-core A5. The 5MP camera is gone, replaced by an 8MP shooter and the iPhone 4S offers the Siri Voice Recognition system which expands upon the current Voice Recognition system found on Android.

AT&T late Friday reported a record pre-order of 200,000 units, and Sprint's web site says that the carrier has sold out of the 16GB model. As of Saturday morning, the web site still shows the 32GB and 64GB models available 4 pre-order at the nation's third largest carrier, while the 16GB model will still be in s2res on Oc2ber 14th. At Verizon, the 16GB version of the Apple iPhone 4S in black or white now shows a delivery date of Oc2ber 21st, one week after the launch date. All other models show a delivery date of Oc2ber 14th. With all this demand, Wall Street analysts now expect a record breaking launch by the new iteration of Apple's 2uchscreen phone.


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