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Elite Forces: Warfare 2 Online Game

What is a game?
In the German language a game is any activity which is executed only for pleasure and without conscious purpose. In this definition every activity that brings pleasure is a game. For example, people dance, play musical instruments, act in plays, and play with dolls and model trains.

Game rules:
As already discussed, the rules and the components define the game.
Everything that is in the rules is part of the game.
Everything that is not in the rules does not belong in the game.
The rules are the borders and the heart of the game.
They only refer to the game and never exist outside of the game.
Although the game has rules which are like laws,
playing a game is voluntary and cannot be forced on the players.
Whoever plays a game, voluntarily binds himself to the rules.
Where force is involved, there is no game.
All games without rules are not "games with rules".

Elite Forces: Warfare 2


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